We have chosen a number of popular and scenic locations across Rubi-Ka and the Shadowlands available for weddings. These are examples.

You may however choose any location on Rubi-Ka you wish to have your ceremony, and we will attempt to accommodate your request.

Popular Rubi-Ka Wedding Locations

Broken Shores Falls
Get married beneath the breath taking Broken Shores Falls where you and your loved one will be married over the water as all your friends watch from the shore.
Camelot Castle
Brought back from the days of old, this fabled Castle is a wonderful location for you and your loved one to create memories together.
Galaway Castle
An elegantly modern outdoor locale, with a wonderful area for a nice reception after the ceremony, this spot is ideal for large Omni faction ceremonies.
Notum Tree – Avalon
Amidst the red rivers of Avalon and the bridges over the isolated islands is an oasis of Rubi-Ka’s greatest resource, notum. Celebrate your glorious union at the heart of Rubi-Ka, the Notum Tree.

Popular Shadowlands Wedding Locations

One of the most beautiful natural locations on this plane or any other, gorgeous flowers, butterflies, and silvertails make this a most enchanting locale for one of our nature ceremonies.
Thrak Garden
The watchful eye of the Unredeemed guardian Thrak will bless your union under some of the most beautiful skies in all of the Shadowlands.
Aban Garden
The popular Aban location provides a raised dais with ramps in each direction for a selection of lovely backdrops.
The waterfalls of a Elysium are one of our most popular locations in the Shadowlands, with beautiful foliage and skyline over the most spectacular falls.

The Rubi-Ka Marriage Registry will be happy to show you more beautiful locations to choose from for your big day. 

Contact us at weddings@aoark.org for more information.